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At Doogood we are very proud of the facility we have developed at our site in Dandenong South. We have a sandblast booth and extraction system, four spray booths and four curing ovens. We also have a pre-treatment plant capable of producing both Zinc and Manganese Phosphate and another pre-treatment plant specially designed for aluminium.

Large forklifts and overhead cranes give us the lifting power required to take on some of the bigger jobs. A semi-automated Dip-Spin machine with conveyor oven, plenty of pallet racking for incoming and outgoing goods. All of this with plenty of floorspace left over in the 2000+m2 to cater for larger jobs which can take up room.

Sandblast Booth Dimensions -

6m x 6m x 2.1m (Plus a two metre extension for long narrow items)

Curing Oven Dimensions -

2 off 2m x 2m x 2m (Capable of 400C)

Drying Oven Dimensions -

1.6m x 2m x 1.8m (Capable of 200C)

Powder Coating Oven Dimensions -

6m x 3m x 1.6m (Capable of 50C – 240C – designed for Powder Coating & 2 Pack Coatings)

Dip Spin Specifications -

12 inch Basket. 3m Conveyor oven. Capable of processing up to 20 tonne of small fasteners per week.

Phosphate Line Tank Dimensions -

2m x 1.2m x 1.2m Deep. Lifting capacity of 3 Tonne per load

Aluminium Line Tank Dimensions -

1.6m x 0.5m x 0.8m Deep – Lifting capacity of 250kgs per load

Overall Floorspace -


Lifting Capacity -

7 Tonne

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