Chemtac 333

CHEMTAC 333 is a thin film chemical resistant coating system offering exceptional resistance to chemical and corrosive attack by industrial solvents, acids and alkalis.

CHEMTAC 333 is a high performance bonded coating system containing a formulated blend of fluoropolymer resins and a PTFE solids combining to produce a hard-wearing dry film lubricant coating.

CHEMTAC 333 also offers excellent corrosion resistance and protection against a wide rang of solvents and fuels, making it ideal for use in a wide range of industrial applications where in the past, expensive materials such as stainless steels were used extensively.


  • Colour                                        Black Satin
  • Typical Thickness                  20 – 30 microns
  • Co-efficient of Friction        0.08-0.09
  • Operating Temperature       230°C continuous, 260°C intermittent
  • Salt Spray Resistance            Up to 500 hours (when tested to ASTM B117 on Phosphated Steel)


  • Pumps
  • Any components in extreme chemical environment requiring protection
  • Construction fasteners in extreme environments
  • Proven slide coating


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