Flurobond 20

FLUROBOND 20 is a fluoropolymer coating system, which has been specifically designed for fasteners and is also suitable for use on the components such as springs, pressings, washers etc.

FLUROBOND 20 has been engineered to out perform conventional electroplating i.e. zinc plating and galvanising, required to operate in corrosive or chemically harsh environments i.e. CCA treated timbers and coastal areas. It is also a realistic replacement for cadmium plating, offering exceptional corrosion resistance. The coating system is primarily available in black or silver but a range of colours are available upon request.

FLUROBOND 20 provides a hardwearing adherent surface finish that will resist a wide rang of acids, alkalines and solvents and provides a barrier against electrochemical corrosion.

FLUROBOND 20 can be safely applied to high tensile fasteners without the risk of hydrogen embrittlement associated with processes such as galvanising. Fasteners treated with FLUROBOND 20 require less torque to drive and provide increased holding power and anti seize properties. 


Fasteners and associated components requiring high levels of corrosion resistance and aesthetics, such as:

  • Structural Bolts & Nuts
  • Springs
  • Self Drilling Screws
  • Hold Down Bolts
  • Threaded Bar
  • Pressings
  • All types of threaded fasteners


  • Main Function                          Corrosion resistance & lubrication
  • Colour                                         Silver or Black
  • Appearance                               Satin/Gloss
  • Finish                                          Dry
  • Typical Thickness                   10-30 microns
  • Hardness                                    5H
  • Coefficient of Friction           0.04-0.10
  • Operating temperature         Approx. 150°C
  • Salt Spray (ASTM B117)         >240 hours – 500 hours
  • Solvent Resistance                  Very Good
  • Acid Resistance                        Good
  • Alkali Resistance                     Good

 APPLICATION:                           Spray or Dip Spin

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