Inorganic Zinc Silicate

Inorganic zinc silicates are coatings comprising metallic zinc held in a glassy silicate matrix. The zinc metal provides galvanic corrosion protection to the mild steel substrate, whilst the porosity of the coating provides voids that contribute to ongoing protection to the mild steel.

Compared with hot dip galvanising, inorganic zinc silicates provide superior galvanic corrosion protection to steelwork, particularly in corrosive coastal environments. To understand how Inorganic Zinc silicates work and why they offer superior corrosion protection, particularly in coastal environs, you need to understand some environmental corrosion chemistry. Here’s how it works:

Corrosion of metals, such as steel and zinc, requires the presence of water, oxygen and ions such as chloride ions, all of which exist in the atmosphere. Atmospheric chloride ions are in the greatest abundance anywhere near the coastline.



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