Fastener Class Coatings

Doogood are the renowned experts in coating fasteners, whether it be studbolts, hex bolts, socket heads, hex nuts, roofing screws, spring washers, flat washers, any type of fastener, we can either coat to specifications provided or specify a suitable coating option for the client.

We coat tonnes upon tonnes of fasteners every week, it’s a process we run day in, day out. We have two application methods, spray and dip spin. Some coatings can not be applied by dip-spin and vice versa, some coatings can be applied either way. Coating fasteners is not just a matter of slapping a bit of paint on and throwing it in the oven to cure. Like any threaded component there is tight tolerances to work within and it can be quite an intricate process meaning specifications and procedures must be followed closely. Hence, it is always wise to use a recommended applicator or a company with a lot of experience in this field.

Doogood are one of the few “Quality Approved Coaters” for Whitford Corporation, after undertaking Whitford’s QAC program in Singapore in 2011. Whitford are a global supplier of products such as Xylan and Xylar, which are commonly used coatings within the fastener industry. We had many years experience in applying their products prior to becoming a QAC in 2011.

We stock and apply a huge range of Fastener Class coatings and are continually researching and developing new technology, new processes, new products, in an attempt to give our customers any advantage we possibly can by increasing working life, improving performance and reducing cost of the fasteners.



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